B23 is the only audiovisual production company in the world founded in Barcelona in 2023, until now.

We tell stories about the client with the client. We produce beautiful and interesting videos (yes, beautiful and interesting) with a single aim: for the public to notice at a company, a brand, a dream or a simple detail in the cosmos.

In summary, we create videos, short films, photographs, documentaries, programs... audiovisual content for TV, Social Media or the Milky Way.

The founder of B23 is a female earthling with an extensive experience in the audiovisual and artistic world: Ana Montserrat Rosell.

Among the regular collaborators of B23 are such accomplished film directors as María Almagro and Pau Monrás and video artists such as Trama Barceló and Arturo Bastón.

Some of the brands we work with: